“If anyone is looking for a really fab versatile violinist you will not do better than Hayley. Great player, great personality, book her while you can!”
– Robin George; actor and model

“Hayley Pope’s violin recital took place at St Barnabas’ Church on the evening of Saturday 18th May 2013.
After almost one hundred years’ of worship on this Surrey hillside, this was a quite unique occasion, warmly anticipated and patronised by a numerous audience who were duly rewarded by a quite superb performance by this most talented young musician.
Dominated by the splendour of music by J. S. Bach and Mozart, we were offered items of somewhat less formidable character by Sarasate, Monti and Bartok as well as the deep melancholy of John Williams’ Theme From Schindler’s List.
Throughout, Hayley’s presentation and playing was impeccable. She was ably supported and accompanied by the splendid pianoforte performance of Giles Holland and flautist Adam Stoodley.”
– Alan Jessop

“Dear Mark,
Adam, Hayley and Beth were wonderful and helped to make the evening the success that it was. They were also put on the spot when asked to provide some music to accompany a young rapper (Ragz) and they pulled it off beautifully!
Please thank them for helping to make the evening go so well – we are extremely grateful.
I would also like to thank you for forwarding their names to us and giving us the chance to hear these talented students play.
With best wishes”
– Mandy Plummer. Mayoral Services Support Officer

“Hayley Pope has now performed in two of the shows staged by the amateur dramatics society, The Quay Players. Each time she has arrived thoroughly prepared and constantly performs to a high standard. She plays with secure intonation throughout, excellent projection in tutti sections as well as a strong awareness to ensemble performance when accompanying singers. Not only is Hayley able to play what is in front of her she is also a very versatile player and is quick to put into practice any cuts and/or revisions made at the last minute. She was even able (and willing) to sing from the pit in certain numbers to help support the harmony!
I will continue to employ Hayley until she is sick of me and I would highly recommend her to other musicians seeking a friendly yet highly proficient professional violinist.”
– Mark Smith. Musical Director for the Quay Players